Pastillas de Leche

Easy Pastillas de Leche Recipe

Hey friends, happy Friday! While I'm away in Victoria spending time with my family, Anton thought he would share a recipe he likes to make with his fam — I hope you like it (they're perfect for any sugar addicts in the house!), and if you decide to give them a try, we would love to see... in the meantime, take it away Anton!

Hi folks! I wanted to share this simple and super sweet (!!!) recipe with all of you and Vickie... after all, sharing is caring, right? My aunt recently paid my family a visit, and during her stay, she made one of my favourite Filipino treats — Pastillas de Leche! They're a soft, milk candy delicacy that is well known and loved by many Filipinos... and now hopefully you as well! If you're interested, here's how they're made; there's nothing to 'em!

Easy Pastillas de Leche Recipe


3 tbs. white sugar 
5 tbs. powder milk 
1 tsp. melted butter 
1 can (350ml) evaporated milk 
Easy Pastillas de Leche Recipe


Using a non-stick pan, turn on low heat and add a can of evaporated milk. Constantly stir the milk to avoid any curdling. Gradually add three tablespoons of sugar, and continue to stir the mixture over medium-low heat for about half an hour. Scrape off any bits of milk from the sides of the pan. 

As the mixture thickens, gradually add the powdered milk a little at a time. Once the evaporated milk forms a doughy consistency, add a teaspoon of melted butter. The mixture will thicken further, at which point you're going to want to remove it from the heat and let it cool for a few minutes before transferring it to a bowl.

Grease your palms with the remaining melted butter and start forming the dough into small, cylindrical shapes. Once you've finished rolling out all the dough, coat it lightly in sugar. To avoid them hardening up, individually wrap the candies in copy or parchment paper. If you want to get super traditional, you could go one step further and wrap the Pastillas with colourful cellophane to add a decorative touch!
Easy Pastillas de Leche Recipe
And that's it! We hope you enjoyed this traditional recipe, and we'll see you all back here Monday — Happy weekending, everyone! xx

Photos by Adventures in Fashion; recipe and copy by Anton Atienza


  1. Those looks so simple and so good! I love the idea of making (and wrapping) little homemade candies.
    Hope you're having a fab long weekend!

    Something About That

  2. Beautiful photos :)
    Maria V.