How to Have a Productive Week

4 Tips for a Super Productive Week
Productivity is something we all talk about— and strive for— in our day-to-day lives, but it can be so easy to get swept up in your inbox that before you know it, the entire day has passed you by. But it doesn't have to be that way; sometimes all it takes is a little planning and prioritizing to set yourself up for a super productive work day. So with that in mind, here are a few things that I find really help me get into the right mindset to fly through my to-do list and get shizzz done (GSD).


I literally could not function if it weren't for my to-do lists; they keep me on track and help organize all the noise and chaos going on in my head. So if you want to set yourself up to have a super productive week, sit down on Sunday night and make a list of everything you would like to accomplish the following week. From there, you can break those bigger tasks down into manageable bits that can be completed throughout the week. I find that the best way to accomplish goals and get ahead is to write down where I want to be or what I would like to get done, then break those down into doable tasks. Otherwise, things can seem too daunting to even attempt.


I've talked about this many times before, but setting out chunks of time dedicated to tackling one task at a time is the single best way to increase productivity. I truly believe that. Not only will you be more focused on the task at hand, but you'll get a lot more done during each 'batch' than you would if your attention were divided between several things. If you haven't tried this method for yourself yet, do so immediately.


In the spirit of saving time and maximizing what you're able to accomplish in a week, I would recommend setting aside one day each week to get all your face-to-face meetings, appointments and errands out of the way. I know that this won't be practical for certain jobs, but where possible, designating one day to running around will free up four other days to just GSD.


After each batching session you complete, give yourself a 10 minute break. That could mean stopping to make yourself a cup of coffee, checking your Instagram feed or taking a quick walk around the block — whatever the case may be, rewarding yourself with short breaks will help keep you motivated and prevent you from burning out. #TreatYoSelf

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