3 To Try From Pixi

Alright friends, you know the drill; when I come across something totally awesome, I like to share... and these three from Pixi are, in fact, totally awesome. So here we are. Are you ready? Let the show-and-tellllllll, begin!
3 To Try From Pixi
I had been looking for a good tinted balm for just throwing on during busy workdays (moisturizing, and no mirror required!), and this Tinted Brilliance Balm in 'Baby Bare' proved to be just that. It's super moisturizing and smells of peppermint, and I love how it gives a nice wash of colour while making my lips tingle... is it just me, or is that the best feeling ever? Way to go, peppermint

Next up, let's talk blusher. The Beauty Blush Duo in the shade 'Peach Honey' has been on my face non-stop lately, mainly because it makes my complexion look alive despite the fact that I'm basically a living ghost. It's natural-looking, relatively long-lasting (especially when paired with my next favourite) and goes on with minimal effort for a nice, sheer flush. The best part? Its mineral powder formula actually reflects light, so you can skip the highlighter altogether... me likey.
3 To Try From Pixi
Last but certainly not least, I'm really loving Pixi's Makeup Fixing Mist lately, especially on super hot, or particularly hectic, days. I find it really does help my makeup stay in place and not settle into fine lines or pores, but I will say that the mist on this one isn't as fine as I'm used to, so get ready for a pretty powerful spritz hitting you in the face if you give this one a go. I could also do without the smell, but that's just me... consider yourselves forewarned. xx

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