Social Media vs. Your Sanity

How to stay sane while using Social Media
We've all been there before — playing the comparison game while scrolling through Instagram, ignoring friends because you "just need to post something really quick," and losing hours of valuable work time by getting sucked into the vortex that is Social Media. You know what I'm talking about. Don't get me wrong, it's an amazing tool for connecting people, sharing inspiration and, for many of us, growing a business, but the flip side can be pretty grim. I can't tell you how many work hours I've wasted between Snapchat and Instagram alone (for shame!), or the number of times I've left Instagram feeling crappy about myself. And based on comments from you guys and conversations I've had with friends, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's felt this way at one time or another. This is what I would like to talk about today. Why do we take the number of likes we get so personally, or worse, get caught up in what other people have, do, or look like to the point that it actually becomes harmful? Silly, right? Yup. So where do we go from here?


Every now and then, be it one day a week or during certain hours of the day, put your phone away. I know — what do I do with my hands?! —  but just trust me on this one. Spend time with loved ones, go for a walk, do your laundry, whatever; just take some time away from Social Media every now and then and you'll be amazed by how much better and more connected you'll feel by disconnecting.


If an account makes you feel bad about yourself or makes you feel like you need to spend beyond your means in order to "keep up," unfollow that account. If it isn't adding inspiration, enjoyment or value of some kind to your life, it's OK to stop following that person — it's nothing personal, and most people would rather have engaged followers who feel like they're gaining something from being there anyway.


If my friend told me that she sucked as a human being because she didn't travel non-stop, own Valentino heels, wear a size 2, or sip on coffees whose latte art could hang on gallery walls (aka- Instagram fodder), I would obviously tell her that she was being ridiculous and remind her of just how awesome her life really is. So why is it that we can't do this for ourselves? Next time you find yourself falling down a comparison shit-spiral, just remember that what you're seeing on your Instagram feed is a highly curated and idealized version of what that person's life is really like. We're all human and we all have bad days, but we need to remember that we're also much more than the contents of our Instagram account or the sum of our followers. Let's just all get a grip, please (myself included — big time). xx

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  1. Thanks so much, Vicki! I truly needed to hear this today. I spend way too much time gawking and drooling over other people's social media accounts. I come away feeling bad about my life or my blog. I laughed at "shit-spiral". That is so what happens. The worst part for me is the lonely, isolating feelings doing this dredges up for me. However, reading that this happens to others makes me feel not so alone anymore! I guess there will be always someone to compare myself to if I look for them. Comparing just keeps me stuck. My new motto is going to be, "Stop staring and comparing and start sharing." Thanks again!