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Kevin Murphy's Repair.Me

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Why you should try Kevin Murphy's Repair.Me
You know I love me some Kevin Murphy, so every time he has a new product launch, I'm ALL over it. This time, it was all about those sweet sweet replenishing vibes (what?) with his newest range, Repair.Me, a three-part system designed to restore hair with super food proteins and fruit acids... aka, any girl with a flat iron's dream. Interested? Here's the 411. The shampoo is designed to strengthen hair using proteins from bamboo and silk amino acids, while the conditioner is said to reconstruct hair with shea butter and aloe vera extracts that help to make it shinier, more manageable, and protected from damage... And while I don't know what's happening to my hair on a molecular level, I do know that it feels amazing after using these two products in tandem. And you know what? That's good enough for me.
Why you should try Kevin Murphy's Repair.Me
Now as much as I like the shampoo and conditioner, the real star of the show for me is Re.Store, a cleansing/conditioning treatment and the final product in the range that, in my humble opinion, takes soft hair to a whole other level. It's said to rebuild hair from the inside out, increasing elasticity, moisture, the works — but again, all I really know is how lovely my hair feels after using it. I've been using it about once a week (you can use it up to twice weekly) in place of both shampoo and conditioner (trippy, right?). Basically, I just apply it to wet hair and massage it through my scalp before leaving it in for about three minutes. After that, I rinse it out thoroughly and, well, that's it — quick and easy times infinity. xx
Why you should try Kevin Murphy's Repair.Me
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