Weekend uniform
Denim jacket- Zara (last year) | jeans- American Eagle | scarf- Aritzia | backpack- DKNY | sunnies- Celine | beanie- Isabel Marant (on sale)
DKNY backpack
Sometimes all a girl wants to do is watch reruns of The Office while snacking on dried chickpeas, which doesn't always correspond with GSD (you know what that stands for). So half in a frantic ploy to justify watching *just one more episode* of Jim and Pam's budding relationship, and half as a throwback to the old days when reposting Instagram images to one's blog was a completely respectable practice, here we are. At least these are not-yet-posted iPhone photos though, right? Right? Come on, cut me some slack — it is Friday after all. And I'm wearing a Canadian tuxedo, which really should count for something. In other news, guess what you can expect to see on my Instagram account later today? (wink wink)

Photos by Team Adventures in Fashion


  1. Super cute look! I need to get a leather backpack like that, it would be so amazing for traveling with!

    Jennifer Ashley

  2. This outfit is so lovely, it look amazing.