Morning Routine + Workflow

Mornings at casa Adventures are generally always the same — they include coffee (lots of it) and getting myself somewhat presentable before getting down to work... you know, the four C's: Caffeinate, cleanse, coif, computer. The only variable is the exact time said morning routine kicks off (hey, some days I need my beauty sleep), but other than that, it's pretty much clockwork. It took a while for me to get into a groove after I went full-time, but I've finally found a schedule that works for me that I enjoy keeping. So with that in mind, here's a look at how I schedule my work days, and what works for me in terms of staying on task.

Once the first C is taken care of, I like to jump right into my skincare routine. Lately that's included Murad's Resurgence Renewing Cleansing Cream (a new favourite) and their Rapid Collagen Infusion followed by Frank's Everyday Face Moisturizer and a little Pixi's Glowtion Day Dew to finish things off. Makeup and getting dressed comes next (the better I feel about myself, the better I seem to work), then it's right down to business. Because I'm two hours behind Toronto and New York (aka where most of the PR companies I work with are based), I feel I need to jump on emails as quickly as possible each morning to take care of anything that's pressing. From there, my workflow varies slightly depending on whether I'm putting in a full day of shooting and meetings or just gluing myself to the computer, but generally speaking, my days looks a little something like this: 

8:30am — Check emails and respond the most pressing ones first, marking less-urgent emails for later.
9am — Check on the day's post to make sure there aren't any issues with it, then share it across social.
9:15am — Scroll through my Bloglovin account to see what's happening in blog land and get inspired accordingly. I like to think of this part of my morning routine as my special treat, and I look forward to it each day.
10am — Answer remaining emails, tackle scheduling, take calls as necessary.
11:30am — Plan Instagrams for the day, snapping any "filler" photos I may need.
12pm — Edit blog photos.
1pm — Make a snack, drink some water, take the dog for a walk.

From there, my day typically switches into photo-taking mode, so I'll meet up with either Ashley or Anton to shoot, then grab some lunch or coffee. It's a great way to get out of the house, have some much-needed human contact, and bank some content (both blog and Instagram). It also helps make my Snapchat a little more interesting as there are only so many times you can watch me sitting at my desk or talking to my animals. Once dinner is done and I've had a little time to relax and watch The O.C. with the mister, it's back to the computer to write copy, schedule posts and make my to-do list for the following day. My nights can be quite long, but I don't mind because I love having the flexibility to explore during the afternoon and visit with friends... plus I love what I do, and besides, I'm a total night owl. I know I should probably sleep more, but I haven't mastered that just yet... hopefully 2016 will be the year of balance and self-care? 
Thanks for reading friends — I hope you found this look into my daily workflow helpful! If you have a schedule or routine that works for you, or just some general tips for staying on-task or getting more sleep, feel free to share it in the comments. xx

Photos by Kastles and Adventures in Fashion


  1. Awesome post, I always love reading about different morning routines! :)

    Dani |

  2. I really love this post! Real life is the best life :)