Who Needs Shellac Anyway?

I treated myself to a Shellac, and although I couldn't wait to get them off my fingertips the second they started to grow out, I kept them up in terms of my pedicure. Funny thing is, after my most recent trip to the nail salon last weekend, my Shellac chipped only a couple days later — what the heck?! That got me thinking about alternatives that could give me everything I love in a gel manicure, from high-gloss shine to a long-lasting finish, only minus the cost and commitment involved with Shellac. Then a post about drugstore must-haves popped into my Bloglovin' feed, and I remembered my friend Brittney raving about Revlon's Gel Envy polishes as well... eureka! A quick, inexpensive, solution was born. Now I haven't used this product long enough to sing its praises from the rooftop or throw it against the wall, but what I can tell you is that so far, so very good. The colour range is amazing and the polish applies nice and evenly, with lots of gloss by way of the gel top coat... not bad for under $10 a bottle! The real victory? At-home manicures include popcorn and Netflix, so eat your heart out, nail salon. xx  
Photos by Kastles + Adventures in Fashion


  1. Woah! Revlon to the rescue! That's awesome, I want to try this so much! So affordable and long lasting, score!