What's on the Inside

[ Above: Poetic E Chemise c/o Triumph; French market hanger, BHLDN ]

If you're here, then chances are you're either A) my mom; or B) a lover of clothing and personal style. We all know the impact an expertly-assembled outfit can have on a person both physically and emotionally, and there's really nothing better than leaving the house content with what you've chosen to wear (you little clothes horse, you!). These everyday triumphs somehow translate into heads held high, shoulders straightened with an air of self-assuredness, and an overall better start to the day... sound familiar? Well lately I've discovered that what I choose to wear underneath my carefully-concocted ensembles can have just as much of an impact on my confidence levels as any oversized vest or lace-up flat — outside-in living (I'm sorry, I had to) only takes you so far, after all.
[ Below: Amourette 300 underwire bra c/o Triumph; oversized sweater, Urban Outfitters (old); alphabet necklace- Gorjana ]

No word of a lie, but the only undergarment brand I've ever really worn is Triumph, so when they approached me to try out their Amourette range of underwear, I couldn't believe my luck — it was literally the most organic partnership I've ever had throughout my entire six years of blogging! Anyway, I opted for the Amourette 300 underwire bra in a couple colours because I knew I would love it just by looking at it, and let me tell you, baby was right. It has everything I've come to love from the brand support-wise, and it's so comfortable that I don't even feel like I'm wearing a bra at all when I have it on. Not to mention the scalloped detailing, which makes me feel pretty and feminine no matter how frumpy a sweater I throw over top of it (wink wink).
If you live in Calgary or the surrounding area, Triumph is actually launching this fall at Nordstrom Calgary, so be sure to pop in to see the full product line... I've had a peek, and let me tell you, it's gooooood. xx
This post was brought to you by Triumph; all opinions shared here are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.
Photos by Ashley Antonio + Adventures in Fashion

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