In The Bag

Just a quick PSA to let you guys know that if you're in the market for a new purse, Shopbop is having a three-day sale offering 20% off classic bags using the code INTHEBAG. Check out the goods here, but don't wait too long — sale ends Aug. 20!

Now that that piece of business is out of the way, a quick note on weddings — there's a reason people take years to plan them; they're a lot of work. Under no circumstances should you throw a small wedding of 50 guests together in two months, tempting as it may seem. It's generally not the best idea, unless you enjoy sleepless nights and putting out millions of fires each day... and if that seems commonsensical to you, then congratulations, because it should be (unless you're me, in which case you've made your bed and are currently tossing and turning in it). xx

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  1. I had to replan most of my wedding in 5 months after my ceremony/reception venue decided to shut its doors, so I can only just imagine what it must be like trying to plan it in two :s Best of luck! I hope you look back on the craziness fondly.