Shopping || Dead Ringer

This edition of "Shopping" (perhaps a new weekly feature?) is all about the item of jewelry I'm most obsessed with these days — you guessed it ladies and gents, I'm talking rings. .. and more specifically, dainty rings (chunky Gorjana example notwithstanding). It's almost become a sickness where I want more and more rings to pile on all 10 digits, and now that I've knocked off both Mejuri's on this list (are you sick of seeing my evil eye ring yet?), I've set my sights on a piece or two yet from Tai, Shashi and Gorjana in particular... hey, happy hands make for light work, right? So with that in mind, here are some of my favourite rings as of late for those also suffering from ring fever — and you know what they say about feeding fevers (winky face). xx

Photo via Baublebar