Fun Summer Nail Art To Try

You know me and my nail polish — the crazier the mani, the better. And if it's something I can whip up myself (even if the lines are a touch shaky), I'm always down. I have a lot of nail inspiration accumulating over on Pinterest, so I thought I would share this playful one via Sephora for a little pre-weekend inspo — who feels like getting their nails did? Just promise me you'll use a top coat to help seal the Sharpie in place... take it from me, I've learned that one the hard way! xx


Images via Sephora


  1. I used to use liquid eyeliner for my nail art but using a Sharpie could be a lot easier! Thanks for sharing, it reminds me a lot of the evil eye nails Alexa Chung was sporting.

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    What a fun way to do your nails. I'm awful with nails, but if I was better, I would definitely try this!
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