On The Go

T-shirt c/o Forever 21 | culottes- Topshop | heels + bag- Alexander Wang | necklace c/o Aldo | sunnies- Celine | cuff- J.Crew
This has been a whirlwind week so far, and believe me when I tell you I no longer know which way is up. If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram (@advinfashion for both!), you'll know that I just got back from a quick trip to Toronto, which needless to say, has left me scrambling to catch up on work, sleep and laundry in a big way. Even as I write this, I'm so delirious that I can't be sure I'm even making sense — at this point, I could be typing "spaghetties" repeatedly and not be able to tell the difference... please let me know in the comments if that's the case. Either way, is anyone else suddenly hungry? xx

Photos by Ashley Antonio