Leave Your Mark

Full disclosure: I got this book yesterday. I'm 40 pages in... and I'm fully hooked. The force behind the mega Twitter account DKNY PR GIRL, Aliza Licht's first book has all the elements I came to love in #GIRLBOSS — you know, badass leading lady, inspiring anecdotes, behind-the-scenes dirt — only from the social media side of the spectrum. Leave Your Mark reads like a casual conversation with your cool older sister's friends, only with more wisdom nuggets than those exchanges generally offer (at least in the case of my sister's pals). Musings like "Third-party credibility is always more powerful than anything you can say on your own behalf," or "A lot of people do a lot of things, but the person who does it the loudest gets the 'expert' credit" provide a healthy dose of telling-it-how-it-is, but it's moments like "Judge a job on its future potential. A seemingly lateral move could ultimately prove to be the opportunity of a lifetime" that have me hooked. And if you follow me on Snapchat (I'm advinfashion!), you'll know that I'm already making strides towards leaving my mark... sure, it may just be lipstick on my Starbucks cup at this point, but hey, it's a start. xx

Photo by Adventures in Fashion

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