Broken Curses

Denim jacket- Zara (more here) | t-shirt c/o Banana Republic (no longer available; loving this one) | striped skirt c/o Banana Republic | heels c/o Le Chateau | sunnies- Forever 21 | bag c/o DKNY WEM | necklaces- Barefoot Contessa + Lia Sophia (c/o) | cuff- J.Crew
Let me regale you with a tale of cursed garments and redemption. You see, months ago this delightful t-shirt and skirt arrived at my doorstep, and try as I might, I could never seem to photograph them. Every time I tried, something would stop me — fluke snow storm? Check! Grumpy-gus photographers? You betcha. Sheer will of God? Oh probably. It got to the point where I would joke with Sandy that this top was cursed, and that if we ever wanted to get our photo-taking on again, I best not be wearing it. But then something miraculous happened — the clouds parted and the stars aligned for me and my little 'Coffee Straight Up' tee... take THAT, you stupid curse! I stick my tongue out at you in defiance... xx

Photos by Baillie Scheetz


  1. Love this lady! And I especially love the fun photo at the end :)
    <3 Kastles

  2. Love this look girlfriend! Especially the last photo ;) xo