All-Black Everything

Crop top- Workhall | culottes- Topshop (more great options) | sandals- Senso | clutch- New Classics | bangles- Kate Spade + Loft | watch c/o Daniel Wellington
All black? Billowing silhouettes? Who the heck am I?! Just when you thought you might pass out from all the pastels I've been wearing lately, this happens... Not exactly my norm, but I dig. It should also be noted that I'm forever indebted to these shoes for saving my life last week — or at least my feet. I had worn a new pair of pumps out on the town, and by the time I arrived to my destination (Sandy and I walked, if you can believe it), I was in so much pain that I bought these on a whim... Best. Decision. Ever. xx

Photos by Sandy Joe Karpetz

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