15 Dollar Baby

Tshirt- Rodarte c/o Shopbop | jeans- American Eagle | booties- ShoeMint | hat c/o French Connection (old; similar) | bag- H&M (on sale in-store) | bangles- Kate Spade + J.Crew | watch c/o Berg and Betts | rings- Ardene | sunnies- Forever 21
"What's that, you like my bag? Thanks, it's new. Oh, and you want to know if it was expensive? Nope, it was only 15 dollah bills, yo!" (hands lifted in 'raise the roof' pose). 

This is how I imagine a casual conversation with you guys would go — classic us, right? But seriously, $15. Just take a moment to let that settle in... that's like three lattes, only way cuter and less jitter inducing. I popped into H&M last weekend on a whim to see what was up, and when I saw this little cutie sitting all alone in the corner, I felt it was my duty to give her a good home... I only wish I could have taken all her adorable brothers and sisters home with me (seriously, there were like four amazing colours), especially when I realized the sale was only in-store and not online. And you guys know how sales go at H&M (lightning fast!), so consider this a PSA of sorts lest you miss out and curse me whenever I post about this bag... hey, I'm always looking out for you. xx

Photos by Brittney Le Blanc

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  1. This looks great, love the fringe! Just a question, how exactly can you order H&M online?? I was told they don't deliver to Canada, which I always thought was really strange. Literally says when I click on cart, " not applicable to your area" I always find the cutest things on the website but unfortunately our Edmonton stores rarely have them in stock :((

    Thanks :)