My New Secret Weapon

I'm eternally on the quest for perfect skin, and by extension, the perfect skin care — just when I think I've found a product I can be loyal to, another one pops up that I just have to try. Fickle, sure, but I just want to know what all my options are. So just as I proclaimed my undying love for Darphin, I got an opportunity to test out Blend & Boost, a new line of skin care created by Medisca that's customized to your individual needs. It's literally bespoke skin care — how could I not try that?! It would be unfair to my face, neck and decollate not to, and I'm nothing if not fair.
So merrily I went to WestEd Medical & Esthetic Clinic to meet with Dr. Bector, a saint of a man who explained that the Blend & Boost system uses proven active ingredients, or 'boosters,' that are added to a cream base depending on your specific needs. Have dry skin? How about rosacea? Don't worry, there's a booster for that. In fact, there are 13 different kinds of boosters that can be added to five different bases by a pharmacist — that's right, this stuff is legit. So after getting the 411 on the range, my skin was assessed using something called VISIA, a facial imaging system that scared the bejesus out of me. It looks deep below the surface to show you any damage that's slowly creeping its way up, and dear lord, do I have pore and redness issues! I was pretty average in terms of UV damage and miles ahead in the wrinkle department (fist pump),  but this scan was a real eye-opener in terms of what's actually going on with my skin. Fast forward a couple weeks, and my personalized product was in my hands and on my face faster than you can say "problem pores." And you know what? I'm really impressed with the results. When I wake up in the morning my skin looks smoother and a lot less red, and it helps decrease the shine of my T-Zone while still keeping everything nice and hydrated. I think what impressed me the most is that a little goes a long way, so one bottle is meant to last you three months. Once it's done, you go back to your physician for another scan, and the next personalized batch is prepared. And since our skin changes so much from season to season, this is basically a genius way to ensure it's getting exactly what it needs — eureka! xx

This post was sponsored by Medisca; all opinions shared are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.

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