What I Want

Now that spring is fully in the works, I find myself wanting to buy every pastel and printed item in sight — no joke, but I'm a serious danger to myself right now. This past Friday I got to spend the day pulling spring looks from Nordstrom and shooting to my heart's content (but more on that later), so needless to say, my wish list grew by several thousand dollars in the span of a few hours... damn it. There were pretty graphic skirts, amazing jeans and the most spectacular pastel leather jacket I've ever laid eyes on — not to mention more Rockstuds than I knew what to do with (which is saying something).  So basically it was heaven. The aftermath? I'm #feelingspendy.

If you're in the same boat as me and want to buy everything in sight — or if you just like to look at pretty things online — may I bring to your attention my biggest weaknesses right now: Sunglasses, espadrilles and pastel bags — are we sensing a theme here? I think somebody needs a vacation. xx

Photo by Adventures in Fashion

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