The New Easter Basket

Easter is just around the corner, so to pay homage to the Easter basket-loving child in all of us, Kira and I thought it would be fun to partner with Julep to create a fun, grown-up goodie basket for your lady loves — just think of the brownie points you'll get! All you need is an assortment of candy-coloured beauty bits packed with all the Easter-appropriate decorations you can muster to make your bestie's day, and hey, if you can throw in a macaron or two, you're pretty much golden... because who doesn't want to be friend-loved in a way you can share on Instagram? Exactly.

Whenever I think of Julep, it's always their nail polishes that comes to mind, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover their range of lip and eye products, as well as their professional brushesurethra!

Thanks for reading lovelies, and happy basket-making! xx

Photos and concept by Adventures in Fashion + Northern Style Exposure

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