January Favourites With Oskia

It's not everyday that you discover a skincare range you can't live without, but unfortunately for my bank account, I did. Oskia has blown me away with two products in particular: their Renaissance Cleansing Gel and Renaissance Mask (which has won all kinds of beauty awards), and although I briefly mentioned these bad boys back in October, they bare repeating. Now I know I don't typically zero in on a single brand for my monthly favourites posts, but truth be told, I haven't been experimenting with too many new products lately, and these two really have been my go-tos month long. Plus with everything the winter has been putting my skin through, they've become pretty much essential.

First up, the cleansing gel. It's all kinds of amazing, but don't let the name fool you — there's nothing really "gel" about it. I use a couple pumps of the stuff every night after removing my makeup with Bioderma, and work it into dry skin. That's when the magic happens; this so-call gel transforms into a thick, luxurious-smelling oil that cleanses skin like nobody's business. It's super nourishing and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft, and it makes me feel fancy every time I use it... bonus!

The  real deal, however, is the mask, which also makes me feel like a decadent mother f'ah when I slather it on each week. It plumps up my skin and makes it look a glow — oh, and it smells every bit as good as the cleanser does. The secrets to its awesomeness? It's packed with AHAs and fruit enzymes, which means it's like skin-boosting witchcraft in a bottle. I ordered mine from Cult Beauty a few months back (dangerous!), and I'm already planning on repurchasing the cleanser to have a backup for when I run out — take it from me friends, that's saying something. xx

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  1. I swear by this product - highly recommend !

    I wish you a fabulous weekend,
    With love from London,
    Hayley x