Casual Is So Hot Right Now

Sweater- Urban Outfitters | jeans c/o Gap | booties c/o Composure Vintage (more ankle boots) | beanie- Brian Lichtenberg | bag- Loeffler Randall c/o Shopbop
When debating whether yesterday's outfit was photo worthy or not, my friend Brittney gave me a look, and quite matter-of-factly replied: "Casual is, like, really hot right now." Funny coming from a self-professed fashion neophyte, but a sharp observation nonetheless. Everywhere you turn, billowing knits, cozy sweats and sneakers reign supreme, so whether Brittney knows it or not, she was pretty spot on with her assessment... and I felt like a proud mamma bear just listening to her. In fact, the only way I could have been prouder is if the words "lounge wear" had escaped her lips. #fashionvictory

Photos by Brittney Le Blanc


  1. hahah that's awesome! love that sweater, and I've had bag envy over that purse ever since you first posted it! xo, D

  2. Love the outfit. I really like the pattern on that bag.

    Eea P