The Lip Manicure

I love holiday manicures as much as the next girl, but when the plaid and candy cane motifs I would have normally gravitated towards started to feel a little cliche, I figured a cheeky, Lulu Guinness-inspired lips mani would be the perfect way for my fingers to parlay into party season. The only thing that would have made this mani even better is glitter nail polish (sparkly lips! can you imagine?), but ain't no body got time for taking glitter polish off, am I right? Mmmmm hmmmm.

All it takes is a steady hand, as well as a rough outline to follow as you fill in the lips. My advice would be to lightly draw the shape on each finger a little smaller than your desired end result, because chances are you're going to make a mistake on one part of the lips and have to overcompensate on the other. Just promise me you'll make your lives easier by starting small, OK? Lessons learned the hard way here, ladies and gents. xx
Photos by Sandy Joe Karpetz

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