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Why hello there, friends! Don't you all look nice today! I love what you've done with your hair, and is that a new top you have on? If you're wondering why I'm so chipper today (besides the fact that I totally love you guys), I'm in New York!!! And if it weren't for that cute boy (and cat... and dog) waiting for me at home, I probably would never leave — true story. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have caught a few updates on my Newwest Travel adventure, mainly in the form of gluttonous treats and #feelingspendy moments — after all, it IS a food and shopping tour! Regardless, I thought I would pop in to say hi and share a few highlights from the trip so far... here goes.

— Hoping on a plane with 13 of the nicest, loveliest strangers I've ever met... we're all bff's now.
— Experiencing my ears pop in a glass elevator on its way to the 48th floor, then making the mistake of looking down.
— Two full hours of all you can eat and drink, which we thoroughly took advantage of.
— Traipsing around the city with Marisa Tomei's mom... no big deal.
— Having the best doughnuts OF MY LIFE at Doughnut Plant.
— Seeing firsthand how matzo is made in a private factory tour; spoiler — it's awesome.
— The Christmas decorations (and Laura Mercier counter) at Macy's.
— Finally experiencing a Russ and Daughters bagel with lox and cream cheese — turns out the hype is true.
— Having someone stop me on the street to ask for directions, then nonchalantly (and accurately) giving it to them.

Happy weekending friends, and if you'd like to follow along the fun, use the hashtags #ej_lifenyc on Twitter and #AiFnyc on Insta! xx

Special thanks to Newwest Travel and the Edmonton Journal for sending me on this adventure

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  1. Sounds wonderful! Fashion is pretty good here in Oz too ! Look forward to seeing more about your trip, also really liked your fashions on your weekend retreat, loved the colour combinations.