Candy Corn Nails

One of my favourite treats this time of year has got to be candy corn (I can practically feel half of you shaking your heads in disgust), and although it's not always the most, well, "universally loved" candy out there, I sure do like it... so much so that I even painted my nails in honour of it — I think that's saying something. In fact, I think half a bag of the stuff was consumed even before these photos were finished... gluttony at it's finest, ladies and gentlemen.

For this one I just used some super old shades I had lying around in my collection, including a white Sally Hansen nail polish that is quite possibly a good decade old... waste not, want not, yes?

I started with a couple coats of white nail polish to create my base, then after letting it dry completely, I painted a horizontal line of yellow polish by my nail beds. This was actually a little messier than I thought it would be, so make sure to have cotton buds and nail polish remover on hand to clean up any mistakes!

Next came the orange, which I carefully brushed on after learning how quickly things can go awry with the yellow polish... live and learn. From there, just add a clear top coat to make everything look nice and glossy, and prepare for the conversation starter your manicure will inevitably become... hey, it's better than asking people how much a baby polar bear weighs (enough to break the ice — ba da bum cha!).

Special thanks to my mom for ever so patiently snapping these photos for me — that woman is a saint, I tell ya! xx

Photos by Maria Laliotis


  1. Your nails look so pretty! I love them!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. I'm not exaggerating when I say that you're the best DIY nail art person I've ever met! You always have the cutest ideas, lol! Love this :) XO, Sarah

  3. Candy corn is my favorite candy ever! People always look at me funny when I say that! Glad I'm not alone ; )

  4. Such a fun look! Love this idea.