4 Must-Have Fall Accessories

 Scarf- Zara | Tshirt- Rag & Bone | jeans- Gap | watch c/o Daniel Wellington | cuff- J.Crew
1. THE BLANKET SCARF — Scarves are an obvious must where fall is concerned, but if you want to look extra cute while you bundle up this season, opt for a blanket scarf instead. It's essentially a giant piece of fabric (as the name would suggest) that's just as great thrown on as it is wrapped intricately around your neck (like one of these 25 ways). This one's from Zara, but there's a bazillion options out there (and some good ones here).

Fedora- Target | tweed blazer c/o Lulus | jeans- Gap
2. THE WOOL FEDORA — The easiest way to jazz up an outfit is with a great hat, not to mention the best way to mask greasy hair (am I right?). One of the things I look forward to each fall season the most is all the hat options. Actually. There are just so. many. colours. This one from Target is a great neutral option, which looks equally amazing on men and women (my friend Anton and I bought them as friendship hats), so you can always share with your mister if need be.

Beanie- Joe Fresh | plaid shirt- J.Crew | watch c/o Daniel Wellington | flats c/o Sole Society
3. A CASUAL BEANIE — Going back to my point about greasy-hair hiding (and staying warm, I guess), let's talk about beanies. They're seriously perfect. I would wear one each and every day if it was socially acceptable to do so. They cover my, errrr, "hair challenges," and add a cool, downtown vibe to any outfit (they're especially great when paired with a fancy dress — so unexpected!). My go-to spots for picking up beanies are Joe Fresh, Zara and Aritzia, but there's no shortage of options out there, so go nuts. Also, the whole unisex thing applies here too — added bonus.

Gloves c/o Quill & Tine | coat- Forever 21 | jeans- Gap
4. TEXT-FRIENDLY GLOVES — Last but certainly not least, a girl's gotta have gloves to get through all those chilly fall days, but not just any gloves — text-friendly gloves. Because really, who wants to put their gloves on just to take them off every time they need to send a text? No one, that's who. These plaid ones from Quill & Tine are a personal favourite of mine that I've worn for a couple years now and love as much as ever. Find a pair that you love too, and never let that pesky autumn chill come between you and your Instagram account again. xx

Photos by Brittney Le Blanc


  1. Those gloves! I'm pretty much loving any plaid at the moment, but blue/green-based ones are my faves. Love this post Vickie! Xo, S