Bridge To Nowhere

Top- Forever 21 | jeans c/o American Apparel | booties c/o Composure Vintage | bag- Alexander Wang | necklace + knuckle rings- Forever 21 | bangles- J.Crew | watch- Michael Kors
These photos were taken during a friend-date with my girl Brittney, complete with roll-me-out-of-the-restaurant eggs bennies, friendship rings and a trip to the antique mall for WW2 food ration tokens and vintage copies of Nancy Drew... yes, we live a charmed life. Brit was good enough to snap some photos and even caffeinate me before said festivities kicked off, making her a true pal through and through...  Homegirl just gets me. So here's to a weekend filled with fun with friends — they're what make life beautiful. xx

Photos by Brittney Le Blanc