July Favourites

This month has been filled with beauty go-tos, with not too much that you guys haven't seen or heard about before... Maybe the heat has made me complacent in the beauty department, I don't know. Regardless, there are a few products that have been used on the regular this month that were too good not to share, even though they're not exactly the sexiest of things... Just hear me out, guys.

ALBA BOTANICA SPF 45: First up, the essentials; and when it's as hot outside as it currently is, there's nothing more essential than a good sunscreen. I've been using this one from Alba Botanica all month long (a fab recommendation from Sandy) and I'm obsessed — it's super emollient and nourishing, less chemical-ridden than your average sunscreen, and it smells of sweet, sweet lavender... nuff said.

TANGLE TEASER: A pretty basic favourite, but a favourite nonetheless. It detangles my hair like a dream, plus it's great for travel (so compact!). Even Mr. AiF is into it — I think he might just use this sucker more than I do (shhh, don't tell him I told you).

CHINA GLAZE NAIL POLISH: No lie — this colour (amply dubbed 'Pool Party') may just be the greatest summer shade of all time. It's bright, cheerful and gives your hands that healthy, tanned look that can be hard to come by from a nail polish... This one's a winner, friends.

NARS SHEER GLOW FOUNDATION (IN CEYLAN): Remember last month when I said I repurchased this foundation to make my tube of Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation last longer? Well that sure backfired, because I've been going through this sucker like nobody's business. It's just so nice and lightweight, while still delivering the perfect amount of coverage... I guess I'll just have to pick up another foundation to keep from using this one all up too (insert evil laugh here).

SEPHORA DAILY MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANER: Remember how I said this assortment's not the sexiest? Well I wasn't kidding. But this brush cleaner has seriously changed my life. I just spritz it on my brushes after a couple uses, swirl them around on paper towel, and voila! Clean, disinfected brushes that you can use straight away. I've even noticed that my skin is clearer since the regular brush cleanups started, but that could totally be coincidental... Whatever you do, just don't take the convenience of this product to mean that you'll never have to lather up those brushes of yours again — sorry bb's, it's good but it's not that good.

WELEDA WILD ROSE DEODORANT: Yup, I went there. But when you find a good-for-you deodorant that — hold the phone — actually works, you scream it from the rooftops (or, you know, type it emphatically into your keyboard). I was hesitant to test it out on account of it being summer and all (read: hot and sticky), but if it can stand up to this heat wave then you know it's legit... #obsessed

Photos by Adventures in Fashion


  1. I've heard so many good things about that Nars foundation. I really should give it a try!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  2. Loving the nail color! Opi has the best names :)