The Only Face Masks You Need

Aside from serums and eye creams, face masks are my favourite indulgence when it comes to placating skin woes. Whether it's dry, winter-ridden skin or just a case of the clogged pores (you know what I'm talking about), this mini skincare-arsenal always does the trick for me. So if you too are looking for face mask recommentations, let me break it down for you:

THE RADIANCE BOOSTERREN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask is seriously where it's at if you want to give your skin a little extra something something. It's packed with fruit enzymes to plump up and rejuvinate the skin, plus the texture bares a striking resemblence to marmalade, which is always fun to slather on your face. I use this bad boy on the weekly.

THE DETOXGlamglow Youth Mud is an all-time fave of mine. It extracts impurities from your skin as it dries, then when you wash it off, it turns into a gentle exfoliator for double the impact. I've said it before and I'll say it again — this stuff is legit.

THE DRY SKIN SAVIOUROrigins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask smells like heaven and feels like a decadent treat for your skin. Just throw it on before bed and prepare for some seriously hydrated skin come morning. That's because the avocado and apricot kernel oil quench compromised moisture reserves, and even help build a reservoir for tomorrow. I've only been using this one for a couple months now, but I have a feeling it's going to help get me through those dry winter months — it's a must-try!

Photo by Adventures in Fashion


  1. I have the REN mask and love it too! And it's so true, you feel like you're spreading jam over your face. Yum!
    Have you tried Kiehl's Overnight Hydrating Masque? It's the best when your skin needs a little extra moisture.

    Kristiana |

  2. I have the REN mask too and it's the best!