Sunglasses Anonymous

Hi, my name is Vickie and I'm an sunglassaholic. Oh, you're one too? Nice to meet you. Since we're being honest and all, I'm OK with my addiction — heck, I see no reason not to enable it each summer. This year's conquest? The aviator. I couldn't quite pull them off when I was banging (err, had bangs), but now that I'm all side-swept and all, it's gonna happen... Even if that means baby steps (aka shelling out $15 for Joe Fresh versus splurging on Ray Bans), I'm committed to the cause — who's with me!

From top: Ray Ban | Karen Walker | Super | The Row | Forever 21 | Valentino


  1. LOL.... I am a fan (err...sunglassaholic) too!

  2. Ooh go for it girl! I bought those sunnies from Joe and I loooove them! We used them in our luxe for less because seriously, why would you pay $100 when you can pay $15?! #amiright?! Xo, D

  3. I've had my eye on the Ray-Ban version for a while (I'm a huge fan of Ray-Ban's) and might get them! I haven't seen the JF version though so maybe the price will get me to get them ;) xo