Hats Off

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In keeping with last week's winter-fuelled Wardrobe Wednesday, I thought I would pay further homage to one of my favourite cold-weather accessories: The hat. The eternal warmer-of-heads and disguiser-of-bad-hair-days (you know what I'm talking about), the hat is the most versatile and transformative accessory at your disposal— and don't you forget it. And by you, I really mean me, because I'm the worst for neglecting even my most beloved accessories (#hoarderproblems). But that's why I love both you AND this WW column — you guys keep me honest.

If you're looking for some good, winter appropriate hat options, I really love this Catarzi wool hat and this Brian Lichtenberg beanie (case in point)... Happy (Wardrobe) Wednesday, friends! xx
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  1. I wish I looked as awesome as you do in hats!!!

  2. Love that plaid cape - the colours are lovely!

  3. A cape and a hat, that's all I need for winter! You rocked these two in this look, being cozy never looked so fab without being overdressed before!

    Cee. ♥
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  4. I'm a huuuge hat lover! Hats are best for accessorising! Winter,summer - doesn't matter, it always works!
    Love it how U wear it.