Mountain Sound

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Plaid shirt- J.Crew | turtleneck- J.Crew Factory | faux leather skirt c/o Forever 21 | blazer- Zara | booties- ShoeMint | tights- Joe Fresh | necklace + bangles- J.Crew | watch- Michael Kors 
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Remember that trip to the mountains I referenced a couple weeks back? Well these photos were taken at the a lodge we were lucky enough to stay in. The weather was beautiful, the food and drink was plentiful, and we even saw our first fox, who was good enough to strike a pose for us... All in all, it was a good trip. And what's a good trip without proper attire, am I right? This plaid shirt/turtleneck combo screamed 'lodge-wear' to me, and when paired with a preppy blazer, it became the perfect hot-cocoa-by-the-doc, book-reading-by-the-fire look — Oh the power of fashion. xx

Photos by Mr. AiF


  1. Super cute! And how crazy that the fox posed so perfectly for you guys!

  2. These pictures make me want to go to the mountains ASAP! I love the plaid with that skirt. Such a perfect combination for the trip!

  3. I would love a trip away right about now but its not in the cards! So I will live vicariously through your post! haha

  4. Such a lovely autumn scene! Great outfit as well.

  5. These pictures are stunning my friend!! I'm going the JPL for two nights in December! Can't wait! Also, I'm back in Alberta! Let's plan a weekend! xx

  6. Adorable outfit! and that fox picture is stunning xo

  7. LOVE this! So jealous!
    <3 Kastles

  8. I'm so much loving your plaid shirt, it's gorgeous!! :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming