6 Summer Manicures To Try

{ SCRATCH Watermelon nail wraps, $12 }
{ Revlon "Minted" nail polish, $5.99 }
{ Joe Fresh "Amethyst" nail polish, $4 }
{ American Apparel "T-Shirt" nail polish, $6 }
{ American Apparel "Parakeet" nail polish, $6 }
{ Urban Outfitters "Hot Tub" nail polish, $5 }
It's no secret I love nail polish, and even if you spent three seconds on my Instagram, you would know that I have a serious sweet tooth as well... Luckily for me the two go together like nobody's business, and I certainly can't complain about having edible props for a change!

Above are my favourite shades/wraps for summer in the digit-department — And believe me when I tell you it was nearly impossible to narrow it down to just six. From sizzling shades of hot pink and neon green, to softer pallets brimming with mints and lilacs, I'm always down for a fun summer mani... Oh the possibilitiesSo tell me friends, what are your favourite shades for summer? Spill! xx


  1. Love the watermelon nail one!

  2. Love this post, and all your fabulous nail colours!! And now you've got me craving sweets....

  3. Love that you have so much fun painting your nails! I really need to get back into doing that and enjoying the amazing colors nail polish come in now

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!
    <3 Kastles

  5. Hey,
    beautiful pictures! :)