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The Great Outdoors

 photo IMG_0082_zps9548977a.jpg
 photo ladydutchdress_zps76aee601.jpg
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Well my friends, it's finally happened — I've officially been roped into camping. Now I realize this may be a pastime many of you hold dear, but I'm honestly freaked out by the thought of it... Although to be fair, that may have something to do with all the Slender Man I've been watching lately, but still. So this weekend while you're are having fun gallivanting and sleeping on comfortable surfaces, think of me sleeping with one eye open and a kink in my neck... Oh the things we do for love. xx

Dress- Lady Dutch | belt- H&M | pumps- ShoeMint | glitter clutch- Kate Spade | necklace- J.Crew | ring- House of Harlow | bracelet- J.Crew | watch- Michael Kors


  1. this dress is beyond adorable! looks so pretty on you.
    and can i just say, EWWWW CAMPING! i say no thanks to camping, tents, and the great outdoors. give me a hotel any day!!!

  2. Have fun camping!! I actually really enjoy it (but only 2-3 times a year ;)) Love this dress! Such a fantastic print

  3. Such a gorgeous dress! Love the cut and print on it! Of course that sparkling bag is AMAZING!


  4. Such a gorgeous dress, loving the print! And camping is so much fun, I'm sure you'll love it :) xoxo

  5. Glad you kept your promise to Lobbie. Hope you have a great time! It's not THAT bad...xx

  6. Glad you kept your promise to Lobbie. Hope you have a great time! It's not THAT bad...xx

  7. I love to buy such western dresses from my favorite online boutique !!

  8. Oh dear, I am not the biggest fan of camping either but I am sure you will have fun.
    Love this dress.

  9. You look great!

  10. I love the colors in that dress! Looks so great on you!

  11. wow I love your dress, so beautiful! such a chic outfit :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming