{Style} Lost & Found...

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After weeks of procrastination and dread at the very thought of it, I'm proud to report that my closet is  finally organized. That's right my friends, it's nothing but neat and tidy as far as the eye can see. The process was cathartic and ripe with discovery— take this skirt for instance. I bought it last year and only wore it twice before it found itself trapped behind a stack of tops and miscellanea, never again to see the light of day until this very moment. Liberating. Unfortunately for me (and the skirt) it's only a matter of time before my closet avalanches out of control again, but let's just enjoy the moment, shall we?

Happy Monday, friends! Hope everyone had a fab weekend... xx

Outfit details: studded leather jacket- Zara; blouse- Forever 21; plaid skirt- Zara (old, but similar here); hat- H&M; booties- Forever 21; skull necklace- Zara; ring- Forever 21


  1. I love the plaid skirt! It's amazing what one finds when they clean their closet ;)

  2. I love that skirt! It kinda reminds me of my kilt I wore in high school but thats a good thing!! I love plaid! Don't worry. my closet right now is a disaster! mad dramz.


  3. I love this outfit! So pretty! The hat and jacket are my fav pieces
    Daisy Dayz

  4. Nothing like a freshly organized closet to get the inspiration flowing! I love this whole look - head (that hat!!) to cute little toe (those booties!!)!

  5. love the jacket :)


  6. Umm amazing skirt! I will be borrowing that :) Classic Vickie look to me, love it!
    <3 Kastles